San Francisco

Group Show

The Sausalito Gallery

For the opening of another little gallery on Sausalito’s Bridgeway waterfront to be anything but a statistical and a commercial commonplace, it would have to present something a good deal more noteworthy than the mediocre fare that comprises the initial exhibition offered in this somewhat cramped and overly-partitioned room above the locally legendary No Name Bar. Heading the constituency of the present exhibition are three of Sausalito’s old regulars: Serge Trubach, Varda and Art Grant. Trubach, a painter of considerable merit, has elected to be represented here with some hastily contrived improvisations in wood-plaque montage that are at best clever and mildly amusing. The novelty-shop tone is further reinforced by Grant’s Pop Art scrap-metal urns adorned with Rococo Valentine motifs, and Varda’s colorful textile collages essaying harlequinesque themes in the Braque-Picasso cubist syntax of fifty years ago. The rest of the exhibition represents mainly young artists who contribute an assortment of graphic work, paintings and collages in rather stale abstract and stylistic-figurative idioms.

Palmer D. French