San Francisco

Hansen Bang

Resident Gallery

Hansen Bang contrasts dark impasto calligraphy with transparent backgrounds for an orientalism that is derived both from Kishi, with whom he studied, and the abstract expressionism of Franz Kline. When he reverses this procedure and rubs a veil over the impasto image until it glows, his expression becomes more personal, authentic and successful. The Great Mogul and Meditation are examples of this latter technique.

One can also see here the work of Joseph Ullery, who runs the gallery and whose main claim to distinction seems to be that he is a discovery of Bill Fiset (an Oakland columnist who professes to know nothing about art), who saw his work while Ullery was in prison on a narcotics charge. Ullery paints rather gentle, amateurish rubbed masonite panels—subject matter: a sweet social satire or a lonely horse—and transparent abstractions.

M. Martin