San Francisco

Robert De Lamonica

Original Prints

These are rich, black engravings, with raised intaglio areas of black on sooty absorbed blacks, structured with guy lines of threading geometry. The intaglio is a relief of deeply bitten lines and areas, with other areas underneath, mysterious forms, achieved with a deft use of aquatint. The paper has been literally molded, and the result is a medallion quality. The technical performance is magnificent. De Lamonica studied engraving techniques with Friedlaender when he taught in Brazil prior to forming his school in Paris. De Lamonica now teaches engraving in Minneapolis and has taught in his native Brazil. Prints from as early as 1959 clearly show his tendency toward the new symmetrical ordering, but he has not been captured by the zeal for simple-minded repetition which mars the achievement of that school. There is considerable variety here. The long print, both horizontal and vertical, has a special appeal for this artist. In 1963, De Lamonica was awarded the Gran Premia in engraving at the Sao Paulo Biennial.

Knute Stiles