Los Angeles

Derek Wernher

Ernest Raboff Gallery

In figures entitled, among others, Going to Work, Beggar, Produce Man, Carrying Refuse, Foundry Man, Wernher, a 26-year-old Los Angeles sculptor, takes the celebratory attitude towards Self-Help and Work that was fashionable a hundred years ago. His subject matter becomes less of an encumbrance when he does a Judas or the Ahab-like Man With Peg Leg. Prepared by the cire perdu process, these hand-size bronzes are most promising whenever, as, for example, in Man With Scythe, they exploit that technique to achieve a thumb-printed, nervously sensitive attenuation of form and a baroque fluidity of movement. Edwin Markham, on the other hand, would have appreciated the torpor of the Produce Man

Nancy Marmer