San Francisco

Guido Augusts

Vorpal Galleries

This is a first one man show by a Latvian artist recently arrived here by way of Mexico. The most persistent mark of his style is a scrived checker design written into heavy paint which forms the background and sometimes continues on into the objects. The objects are often owls, in which the checks become plumage, or simple still life equipage such as fish on plate, three green oranges, two bottles, etc.

There are two paintings in quite different technique. These are painted with a free slashing brush stroke in dark prussian blue, and flaming red oranges, colors which one tends to associate with the German Expressionists. These we are informed, were painted in San Francisco under the influence of the Art Institute. Possibly this show marks a change of mind (and/or style) from easy pleasantries to the heroics and tragedies of Expressionism.

Knute Stiles