Los Angeles

Harry Bledstein

Feingarten Galleries

A partial survey of the development of Harry Bledstein, the oils on view cover approximately three years of painting. From heavily-impastoed figure studies, the works graduate into very thinly painted, closely valued, limited-hued statements, with the figures resolved by areas of dark and light. In some, line is added to aid in the delineation, but this is rarely successful, for there may be only one overstressed line in the entire works, as in Seated Figure where the line which defines the underside of the arm floats on the surface of the work in an irritating manner. Other works dissolve into rather uninteresting over-all patterns. But where the patterning is controlled, romantic, rather powerful works emerge. Apparition is the outstanding work of the show; Quixote Can’t Find Dulcinea and the other most recent works are also impressive.

H. J. Weeks