Los Angeles

Helen Lundeberg

Ankrum Gallery

This first exhibition in the recently-opened, handsome new headquarters points up Helen Lundeberg’s continuing preoccupation with expanding vistas seen through doorways, panoramic scenes of rivers, waterways—and a new theme, the arch which invites the viewer to linger appreciatively at the entrance of the architectural forms before experiencing the visual treat of entering into landscapes which are increasingly referential to her earlier surrealistic work. Done with intellectual precision, great control and fine craftsmanship, the large canvases would reflect the cold geometries of the so-called “hard edge” painters, if the works were not done with the sensitive approach to subject matter and the reoccurring sense of nostalgia which has set the Los Angeles painter’s work apart as a very personal and expanding esthetic statement.

An extraordinary triptych shows sweeping panoramas in cool greens, blues and traces of mauve juxtaposed against large areas of untouched canvas, creating the illusion of vast deserts set against endless mesas.

Miss Lundeberg’s recent works are further enhanced by a continuing exploration of juxtaposed space and line, as expanding in esthetic value as her panoramas are a visual experience in spatial extension.

Betje Howell