Los Angeles

Hilda Levy

Santa Monica Art Gallery

There is much more than simplified ab­straction in Miss Levy’s recent works, which show a development in highly controlled visual elements combining solid structural form with space ex­ploration. In the “Circular Depression Series,” Miss Levy has created extraordinary lace-like patterned areas of depth. Formulations, a calligraphic study in watercolor and ink, is rendered on hospital-paper (heavy crepe paper used in sterilizing instruments and gauze at an extremely high tempera­ture), the texture of which lends a con­tinuing development and diversity to the non-objective forms. A pastel and Conte drawing on rice paper of white calligraphic squares over black also shows her virtuosity in working with spatial extension. A disciplined and ma­ture artist, Miss Levy continues to cre­ate such depth and visual involvement in her paintings that one must return again and again to look through the white fretwork into a cosmos of re­volving forms.

Betje Howell