San Francisco

John Baxter

Rose Rabow Gallery

Baxter paints wall hangings free of stretchers which look like studies of corrosion, and undersea or microscopic organisms. His sculpture is made of sticks and stones, the tide strewn beach which he has selected and com­bined for the paradoxes and similies which they suggest. Moby Dick is a white stone with rusty barbs in its back. Dog and Turtle are pieces of cracked and rusted enamel mounted on a water­logged board.  Venus With Parasol is a darkly suggestive stone which recalls the prehistoric Venus of Willendorf. It would be a better sculpture without the too-cute shell umbrella. Several of these objects might have been better sculpture if the artist had felt no obli­gation to combine them, but had ex­hibited them exactly as Neptune threw them up, but he has a good eye for singling out things that most of us would have overlooked.

Knute Stiles