Los Angeles

Krishna Reddy

Plaisir de France

Mr. Krishna Reddy, born in India, is currently the Associate Director of S. W. Hayter’s famous Atelier 17 in Paris. His teachers include Henry Moore, Zadkine, Marino Marini, and Hayter. His current exhibition is of prints in a mixed medium that is basically etching. Of great technical interest is the print­ing process, for Mr. Reddy presses each print only one time; the plate con­tains all the different colored inks for this one printing, rather than the usual technique of having a separate plate or printing for each color. This is ac­complished by using inks of different consistencies. The resulting prints are of high quality and great beauty. Many are developed around the theme of plant-life, and all are complete state­ments. Any choice among them must be purely subjective. Wave which com­bines light blue, blue, green, purple, black, and quiet greys in a palimpsest of subtly curved lines; Flight, less subtle, is the record of the passage of an object, while Water-lilies presents three forms in color and white, defined by a darker background built up of colored lines.

––Harriette von Breton