Los Angeles

Leon Saulter

Adele Bednarz Gallery

This is an eclectic exhibition which ranges from a thinly conceived oil on masonite, The Drama of Sunset, in a somewhat Abstract Expressionistic manner, to a flat figure-and-interior study in which all elements are im­prisoned in a network of semi-geomet­ric black lines. Diverse sculpture is in­cluded. This range of styles is deliberate, for in his written statement the artist rejects consistency for “constant change and evolvement. The criterion of personal style becomes expendable in the face of exploration of the many personality facets that demand new­ness of comprehension. The search becomes art.” Unfortunately, the works on view indicate not so much searches for new direction as echoes of older ones. Artists, of course, may either explore new directions or continue to refine older ones. What is important is their ability to communicate through their chosen concepts, no matter what these concepts are. In this essential quality, in distilling the essence of an experience, Mr. Saulter’s exhibition is deficient, and gives the impression that the diversity of approach is not one of strength, but weakness.

H. J. Weeks