San Francisco

William H. M. Weber

Galerie de Tours

Mr. Weber is obviously a well-schooled, commercially oriented painter with a remarkably facile ability to turn out paintings of sensuous, decorative, or sentimentally pictorial appeal in an eclectic range of styles and mannerisms. His least offensive and perhaps most sincere essays are those which draw on French prototypes: a nude study in the pastel flesh tones and diffused light of Pascin, and a study of elderly men seated around a table in a manner paraphrasing Daumier. However, with somewhat less care and involvement, Weber has produced quasi-photographic portraits, slap-dash Expressionistic figure and landscape studies, Surrealism, and even a little Abstract Expressionism in acrylic resin: a sort of “one-man diversified group show” with something for every taste.

Palmer D. French