San Francisco

Charles Ross

Dilexi Gallery

The topicality of a show such as this is perhaps its most compelling feature. Ross is a young sculptor whose studies at the University of California brought him into contact with Sidney Gordin and Wilfrid Zogbaum, resulting in early work perhaps obliquely influenced by Zogbaum, but looser and more sprawling structurally. Perhaps a year ago Ross abandoned this rather open public style for a kind of hermetic object-making seen last at Stanford University’s Bay Area survey exhibit. His present exhibit is an environment created within the confines of an art gallery. It’s rather like the physical space one finds on a stage, everything designed to accommodate the actors. In this case the observer. What the space does is break down the area between actor and observer. To merely walk through the trees, rubber balls on rubber strings, balloon bin, and backlighted plastic curtain is to participate. To activate the environment to an even greater extent Ross invited a number of contemporary dancers to perform within the structure on various dates throughout the exhibit.

James Monte