San Francisco

Prefete Duffault, Valcin and Philippe Auguste

Karamanduca Gallery

Prefete Duffault invents imaginary cities with carefully tended vineyards growing up the steep hills to the castellations and saintly statuary on each summit. Each city is full of people, all walking, no one stands still, no one is actually with anyone else. Valcin has painted a group of cane workers who are pretending stalks of cane are musical instruments; they are dancing to the imaginary music. Philippe Auguste paints brilliant jungles, this one with combed-maned lion, escalloped-eared elephant, and a snake whose fluorescent fuchsia mouth is as poisonous as his long green body. The Haitian primitive painters were discovered, and became an ascendant vogue in the late forties. Their colors are still vivacious, but perhaps not quite so raw; their mad innocence has by now become a profession.

Knute Stiles