Los Angeles

Sid Shana

The Ray Bowman-Eric Mann Gallery

What at first appeared to be a group show turned out to be a one-man exhibit by Sid Shana. There was a Jackson Pollock drip painting, “Mother and Child,” another, “Creation,” with the wavering shapes of an Arthur Dove, a spritely geometric piece after Kandinsky, and some Picasso. Two paintings, “Sunrise at Taos” and “Mexican Village” did contain a mood of patience and the sense of large mountain, small house that was worth taking in. Their colors are kept in one family of dusty hues, and heavy forms are pleasingly coupled with dark outlines. Lithographs of these and other paintings were more successful because they eliminated the possibly disunifying factor of color. Watercolors and drawings again felt like exercises in their variety of styles, if not lack of substance.

Molly Siple