Los Angeles

Marjorie Allen

Galerie de Tours

Marjorie Allen is concerned with a fantasy world of woodland scenes, fair-haired gods, childlike women, and graceful creatures of the sea. Her canvases are deceptively simple. The poetic shapes and glowing colors trigger reactions in the viewer of half forgotten memories and reveries.

She is a skilled draftsman with a thorough academic knowledge of paints and techniques. Her studies in anatomy and sculpture at the Boston Museum of Fine Art and her subsequent work as restorer at the Boston Museum furnished her the time and training to develop her technique. A patient experimenter, she has evolved a highly meticulous style of lacquering without sacrificing the glowing intensity of her colors. She combines this with sgraffito, a technique originally used in the Renaissance for incising design on the outside of buildings, for effectively scratching out light areas to render the figures. In her most successful paintings, “Dreams of Far Away Places” and “Turbulent Sea,” she has eliminated the wide-eyed people and deals entirely with nature. The works in question are decorative and painstakingly executed.

––Michael Brawne

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