Arizona Artists

The 7th Arizona Annual was held this year in Yuma, Arizona under the sponsorship of The Yuma Fine Arts Association. Arizona has become a fast flowering, robust hot-bed of cultural bloom. Now very much a part of the contemporary scene and forging ahead with expanding facilities of all kinds, including University Art departments, Art Associations and an influx of talented and competent artists, it is awash with activity and vitality. The Phoenix Art Museum under the directorship of Dr. F. M. Hinkhouse and his Assistant Director, Donne Puckle acts as a stimulant and nerve center for the entire area. The Museum literally gives service to the entire state with traveling exhibitions, lectures, loans, organizational know-how, or any other kind of assistance that is asked for or needed. The services of the Museum even spill over into Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. Because the Phoenix Art Museum is now in the process of adding a wing which is scheduled to open next fall, it could not accommodate the large Arizona Annual show. The Yuma Fine Arts Association asked for and got the Annual this year. They were well equipped to handle it with a new Art Center and a knowledgeable, determined staff and volunteer organization.

The Annual this year had hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculpture submitted from every part of the state. The first Award for an oil painting, “Blue Interior,” went to Sandra J. Gierke of Scottsdale, for a strong Impressionistic canvas. Arthur Jacobson of Phoenix won first Award in watercolor for “Avila,” and Edward Dobson of Tempe won first Award in sculpture for “The Sound,” a piece that had both visual and auditory appeal. The first Awards all carried prize money of $150.00 apiece.

The exhibition is now on view in the Yuma Fine Arts Center and will travel from there to other parts of the state. It is a show of taste and quality, and a far cry from the dusty frontier of horse wranglers and cactus beds.

Harriette Von Breton