Los Angeles

Diana Bryer

Galerie de Ville

The oils of Diana Bryer incorporate a type of “art nouveau” flora and fauna that you would expect to find growing in Wonderland. There are the tendrils, the fanciful creatures in flat patterns, and luscious colors, but the atmosphere is not erotic. One unquestioning picture represents a seated girl from the legs down with a cat lying at her feet. Cobwebs are caught underneath tables; there is a lady dragon and a heliotropic dinosaur. The primitive traits of jumbled space and a scale, and color chosen simply if it delights, give Bryer’s imagination free rein. And further, character portrayal is not absent; the artist concentrates also on portraits of her family and friends. An elderly woman passively sits out her old age; a girl spoons strawberries while outside, seen through a window, the rain falls in a regular pattern. An “art nouveau” style, with its linear life, plus the primitive, with its familiar air, make a fruitful combination in the hands of this interesting artist.

Molly Siple