Los Angeles

Giuseppe Gambino

Galerie Juarez

It’s conceivable that paintings hanging on restaurant walls could be good. Visually entertaining and only gently thought-provoking, Gambino’s paintings would always be pleasant to have dinner with.

Stylized figures whose bodies are basically elongated triangles stand against a flat field with a prop near by which helps identify their roles. The heads are simplified in that way which results in the nose being represented by a straight line. The face is frontal, but there is no severe confrontation of the observer and the artist’s little players.

Because his shapes are outlined with black, the slight reference to stained glass windows permits Gambino’s use of a tried and true selection of colors out of the burnt umber family. The minimal liveliness of the figure paintings is kept in one of a house facade, making it seem very active. Light hits the canvas as if it had passed through leaves on a tree. As in all of his paintings, he has used the palette knife lyrically, the surfaces being well-finished. In sum, any of Gambino’s canvases would be enjoyable company.

Molly Siple