Los Angeles

Henrietta Berk

Carter Gallery

The first impression gained upon seeing Miss Berk’s work is one of extremely brilliant color. Then her affinities with the so-called “Bay Area Figurative” school come to the viewer’s mind. The color is the major aspect of her art which differentiates Miss Berk from the other Bay Area figurative painters; where their color is often cool and rather tinted, Miss Berk’s is deep, rich, and brilliant. A number of the works in the exhibition were so very loose in their drawing and paint application that they were difficult to read. Nor does Miss Berk seem to have mastered the art of using a line scratched into the surface of the work. However, in such works as “Moraga Valley” with its streak of electric green, the “Sisters” almost drowned in a menacing orange light, and “Vernal Equinox,” the most abstract of her works, Miss Berk has all of her elements under firm control and has produced paintings of considerable merit. Her sense of color is outstanding; it is difficult to use colors of such intensity and brilliance without becoming gaudy, but in the area of color composition, Miss Berk is good indeed.

H. J. Weeks