Santa Barbara

Robert C. Carty

Gallery De Silva

Robert Carty is a native Californian who received his M.F.A. from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1957 where he studied with Diebenkorn and Nathan Oliveira. From 1958-1961 he lived and worked in Florence, Italy at the Academia di Belle Arti. Having done a teaching stint at Ventura Junior College he now resides in Santa Barbara where he is teaching and working.

The show includes figurative paintings in combination with landscape and pure landscapes with much of the Diebenkorn influence remaining in his treatment of paint and figures. He frequently places his figures in the foreground and creates an indoor-outdoor environment where the forms relate to the landscape in a natural, relaxed way. There is no hostility between man and his surroundings but an easy acceptance of each as belonging.

He uses strong flat color areas and burns the brilliant light and atmosphere of California through the canvas. In “Esme in Purple,” he flaunts a bold purple figure seated in the foreground and then balances it with strong structured forms and vivid color spots. Many of his other scenes are derived from the Santa Barbara landscape and include San Marcos Pass, massed mountains, thin skylines and recessed canyons.

Harriette Von Bretton