Los Angeles

Salvatore Grippi

Rex Evans Gallery

Prior to his teaching post at Pomona College where he has been since 1962, Salvatore Grippi was featured in six one-man shows in Manhattan. This is his first exposure on the West Coast and it will no doubt initiate deserved attention. Of particular interest is the curious paradox evidenced in his oils and pastels which emphasize a balanced serenity while activating every square inch of picture surface. Figure and still life compositions present a central mass of action, usually in vibrant glowing reds, surrounded with restless undulations of space or drapery which is apparently without end. The dry, prismatic colorations produce a form of visual frenzy while at the identical moment suggesting a repose and lassitude in direct contradiction to that action. This peculiarity is the artist’s strength and through exploitation of it he has produced a collection of paintings which will probably be of more significance as a prelude to future efforts. Grippi has struck a very promising attitude.

Curt Opliger