Los Angeles

Tom Akawie

Comara Gallery

Mr. Akawie combines overtones of Pop and Hard Edge to produce cleanly designed canvases and graphics that play subtle colors and textures against definite lines and shape. The pictures he produces often jell into objects—but objects of two dimensions and of no world or existence except the artist’s. For instance, “San Vitale” could be a cross-section of some exotic or mystical motor, but it is not a motor that exists to run something, or even to run itself. The colors the artist employs are pale and subtle, giving the entire exhibition a silvery effect. “Michelangelo” in particular has beautiful, pale colors. The two prints, “Eagle” and “Rising Orthanc as Seen From the Entrance to the Caves of Moria” were enjoyable, as was the very small painting “Movie Night at the Insect Temple.” The artist produces handsome works.

H. J. Weeks