Los Angeles

Charles White and Ernest Lacy

Heritage Gallery

Both of these Southern California artists demonstrate the importance of knowing one’s medium. In their work technique is not simply a question of making a good thing look a little better by executing it properly, it is the crucial factor of quality.

Both of them are printmakers who deal in traditional imagery. There is little in conception or composition to distinguish them and yet they gain a certain distinction because they are able to calculate the effects of a wipe, bite or cut.

White makes large linocuts of patriarchal figures. His understanding of relief printing techniques contributes heavily to their sense of brooding power. He does these things well but he does them often. Although there is little evidence to support it one has the feeling that he could cope with a broader range of pictorial possibilities.

Lacy offers greater variety and he too realizes the bulk of his virtue as a craftsman. His variations on Renaissance masters expose a general weakness in both artists—neither draws as well as he seems to. Yet his deep-bitten etching Trio, and several still lifes are excellent things.

William Wilson