Los Angeles

Jacob Epstein, Kaethe Kollwitz, Louis Barye, Menen

Dalzell Hatfield Galleries

The gallery presents a selection of sculpture as well as a changing exhibition of paintings and 20th-century Aubusson tapestries. The sculpture installation is dominated by seventeen works of the late British sculptor, Sir Jacob Epstein. Mostly bronze busts of his favorite models, these are joined by a study of a child as well as a roughly academic portrait head of Rabindranath Tagore. The Princess Menen bust of 1948, even in its truncated form of a half-body frontal portrait presents an aspect of the Epstein archetypal heroic female form: a large raw-boned Eurasian/Eurafrican with flowing, richly articulated hair surrounding the neck column and touching down amongst the back shoulder blades, thus framing the taut shoulders in a motion which then throws the head up as if from the larynx. Girl from Babu partakes of this spirit as the sculptural skin lies nicely taut on the body frame. Examples of the more somnolent portraits are those of Chia Pi and the illustrational Deidre with Slip, where the imitative instinct overcomes the study and forces the hot metal to become negligee.

The Gauguin Polynesian Girl, a green gold bronze mask, as well as a good Louis Barye animal grouping are seen in contrast to the predominant Epstein. A small Renoir bas relief, Girl with Tambourine, quietly and decoratively affirms its presence in another corner of the gallery. A Bourdelle standing figure entitled The Urn, as well as the compact and tragic Pieta of Kaethe Kollwitz completed the selection.

Irving B. Petlin