Los Angeles

Richard Klix

Esther-Robles Gallery

The Richard Klix exhibition of paintings was but one of nine weekly one-man shows held during the summer months along with a continuous group presentation including works by each of the featured artists. The eight others: Fletcher Benton, kinetic sculpture; Karl Benjamin, Seymour Boardman, Glen Robles, Roslyn Ehrenhalt, and Dale Henry, paintings; and constructions by Joan Jacobs and Linda Levi. The gallery’s ambitious summer program was impressive but unfortunately public response was not.

During the first week in August Richard Klix was given his due, a selection of a score of paintings featuring a self-compounded medium of what seemed to be liquitex, gelatin and putty. This is applied much in the fashion of cake decoration or tooth paste. The flow of thick, richly colored tube squeezings arrange themselves into highly personalized and inventive calligraphics presented with occasional eye-shattering color oscillations and such subtle contrasts as white on white. The brightly hued paste hardens to a rock-like texture without much reduction in its surface depth. Decorative and interesting, the panels only faintly reflect the New Jersey born artist’s years of study with such teachers as Albers, Motherwell, Ferren and Stuart Davis.

Curt Opliger