Los Angeles

Chagall and Maillol

Feigen/Palmer Gallery

For those who love love, a suite of 42 lavish color lithographs by Chagall illustrating Longus’ Daphne and Chloe produced by Teriade in Paris in 1961, accompanied by the muted and unpretentious woodcuts of Aristide Maillol on the same subject, executed by Maillol for a French edition of Daphne and Chloe published in 1937–38.

Chagall has done it again. Although there is nothing new added, these striking lithographs bring with them all that is familiar and admired in his work as once more, with brilliant virtuosity, he reiterates his endless theme of love and ecstasy. For the collector who is with him all the way, the show affords an ample choice of goodies.

Maillol’s intimate and personal woodcuts offer an interesting contrast to the extravagant and sumptuously celebrative lithographs of Chagall. Maillol’s illustrations have an unusually quaint charm. His pure line drawing reflects the legend’s mood of pastoral simplicity and innocence, and by their very unpretentiousness, draw the viewer’s close attention. Both suites are printed in small limited editions.

Estelle Kurzen