Los Angeles

Group Show

Ankrum Gallery

An impressive group of artists of contemporary talent are included in this interim gallery show. The dynamic, enthusiastic Joan Ankrum and her partner William Challee, have selected a group of works by several painters that reflects a wide variety of contemporary styles, approaches to painting, philosophies, and images. Included in the show are Lorser Feitelson, his wife Helen Lundeberg, Arnold Mesches, Robert Frame, and Shirl Goedike.

Unlike the recent show at the Phoenix Art Museum, “Of Time and The Image,” which included two works from each artist—one early painting and one recent painting—the current show is hung arbitrarily and the viewer loses the opportunity to observe and personally evaluate the individual artist’s growth and development. Lorser Feitelson, for example, has evolved from the realistic style of the twenties, through Cubism, neo-Classicism and Surrealistic idioms, and today he is concerned with formalistic hard-edge painting. The canvases on display show his present concern with pure, ordered structuring, and his involvement with unemotional images, denying the existence of strokes and enjoying mechanical line precision, for total integration of color and form.

Several tremendous monochromatic oils and gouaches by Arnold Mesches indicate his high level of draftsmanship. His strong preoccupation with the struggle between life and death and the ever-present mood of contemporary isolation, is apparent in his sketchily painted figures with their highly distorted bodies, floating in large unyielding areas of white. (Unfortunately several of his works hang too high above the doors to be viewed in detail.)

Shirl Goedike shows several romantic oils from his “Bathers” series which were executed in the south of France last year. They are simple, gentle studies of the sea, the bath houses, and three women bathers. He paints the bathers and the sea in a flat, brilliant light. His individuals are simplified, blocky, shadowed forms painted with meticulous clarity.

Molly Barnes