Los Angeles

Irma Attridge and Anders Aldrin

The Emerson Gallery, Encino

A full gamut of subjects again shows that Attridge changes styles as one might change clothes. This group of oils, more coherent for its limit of numbers and types, concentrates on nimble-fingered palette knifings and fuzzy strokes, rendering still lites in diaphanous high key hues. Objects blend and float as in the all-over watercolor bouquets. To mention their feminine qualities of structural looseness, lightness and effervescence belabors an obvious appeal.

Aldrin is shown to have origins in Duty. Twenty year old canvases display a timid transfer of that master’s characteristics to American locales in dulled oil tones. In recent works his turn to more vigorous gestures and harsh color temperature moves him to a more individual, if historically approved (Fauve or Expressionist) area. His views of isolated groups of trees and rock and sea sites at Malibu and Monterey rise well above the cliches that motivated them. In these, his best, he is fresh, clear, and sure.

Fidel A. Danieli