Los Angeles

James Pinto

Silvan Simone Gallery

Fluttering with unorchestrated and mottled color, these inarticulate acrylic paintings obsessively follow dab by dab the ignis fatuus of reflected color: on ice, through air, in water, over skin; winter, summer, sunlight, clouds; desert, garden, lagoon, and park. In a series of empty vistaed landscapes, Pinto just barely marshalls his chaotic flecks of color into semiabstract impressions of horizon, sky, and foreground. His floral and forest-scapes, such as Amazon Flora, are even more distressing, however, in their use of insensitive line for the definition of cliché botanical hybrids and in the increased stridency of acrylic paint applied over wider areas. Also exhibited are a group of Pinto’s tiny sculptures, predominantly Baskinesque bronze figures with anxious pot-bellies on spindle-shanks; a hollow nun is slightly better.

Nancy Marmer