Los Angeles

Yvonne Cole Meo

Le Dilettante

This new gallery-boutique-restaurant is a West Coast version of New York’s successful Serendipity. The decor of the upstairs boutique and the outdoor “Artists Pavilion” is opulent and unique, the walls of the surrounding buildings having been painted to simulate a French street scene around the cafe. The boutique contains a lavish collection of novelties and objets d'art.

The one-woman show currently in the gallery features the paintings and lithographs of Yvonne Cole Meo, who calls herself a “chemical painter,” as she works exclusively with her “secret” mixtures of plastics, melted vinyl, and occasional bits of collage. The majority of her works are highly abstract because her concern is with luminosity of color and creating a sculptural surface tension as seen in The Eye of the Hurricane and Termites at Work. However, in a few, she has made a moral comment on our times. Tunnel of Status Symbols shows us a gruesome wreck on the Hollywood Freeway. Mrs. Meo uses real nails for the freeway fence posts, to drive the point home.

Molly Barnes