Los Angeles

Art Grant

Heritage Gallery

In this first Los Angeles exhibition of a fairly well-known San Francisco artist, we are presented with a group of Op Art collages combining optical toys of the blinking eye genre into conventionalized, usually geometric configurations.

The work, generally of quite small dimensions, makes use of gaily colored dots that change as the spectator moves, multi colored wheels that seem to spin, and foils that glitter. These combinations are handled with a deliberate lack of finish that refers back to the West Coast assemblagist tradition (in which indeed, Grant had long worked). The basic problem, though, is that the optical trickery just doesn’t mix well with the crudities of this assemblage attitude.

Beyond this, Grant has depended entirely upon materials for his imagery that are innocuously pretty, and, unfortunately, the work is unable to rise above this. The pictures end up as little more than mildly clever displays that seem most appropriate to a nursery where simple fun and games produce the most desired good.

Don Factor