Los Angeles

Carole Carrozzo

Galerie Gregg Juarez

A wistful romanticism prevails in the work of Carole Carrozzo whose style, if somewhat mannered, is dignified by the obvious sincerity of her efforts. The quality of her work is generally very even, and although there is variety of subject matter, it always remains subordinate to the painting itself. Colors and textures are most sensuously expressed in the paintings where images are diffused and appear lost in an after glow of memory. One of the most vividly memorable is Bewildered. This and her lyrical paintings Birds At Dawn and With the Wind are the most deeply personal of all the works displayed. The nudes, and the portrait of Livinia are colder and more mechanical in execution, and even among the more flamboyant of these, such as Flora (nude lounging on a huge red chair beside an exotic vase of flowers) and Dream Walk (where she dreamed she went walking without her Maidenform Bra) there is a certain redundancy which robs of their initial intensity the very feelings and emotions which the artist would convey. What comes through most strongly throughout the entire exhibition, however, is the joy in creation that Carole Carrazzo experiences in her daily work and the moments of truth in her pursuit of beauty.

Estelle Kurzen