Los Angeles

“German Expressionist Graphics”

Kozlow Gallery, Encino

A wide-ranging selection of prints and drawings begins with Kollwitz’s Beratung (1898) and Nolde’s Self Portrait (1907). Both with their smoldering darks demonstrate a visionary aspect which links them and their fellows to 19th-century Romanticism. The harshness and brutality of the 20th makes the projection of charged emotions possible upon any subject. Atmosphere becomes attitude, psychological insight replaces exoticism. Corinth quietly, clinically inspects himself before a mirror, and Grosz conjures up anarchical, montaged sequences from street scenes. Dix’s Der Greis and Beckmann’s examples communicate through the pungent bite of line, hatching, and washes their barely restrained viciousness.

The Expressionist spectrum includes sharp observation, as well as lighter moments. Feininger’s several small, fine woodcuts and Heckel’s Junge Frau with their bold contrasts of black and white set one tone, while such as Munter’s lusciously moist bouquet, another.

Fidel A. Danieli