Los Angeles

Harry Lachman

Dalzell Hatfield Galleries

This art has the same quality of surprise as one might sustain upon seeing Adolph Menjou walking today in Place Vendome. It manages to put the viewer, rather than the painter out of time. Lachman is a survival of Impressionism. They say he was convinced of it in his youth and has stuck to his plein-air easel at Someplace-sur-Seine despite all shocks of art-bombs going off in Paris. Remarkable tenacity for a man to remain so dedicated to Impressionism while its rascally inventors went off at odd angles. Lachman continues to record an endless full blown summer afternoon in specks of color. These paintings are considerably less infused with feelings of formula than similar ones and show an occasional blocky solidity as if they were about to discover Cézanne.

William Wilson