Los Angeles

Henny Marks, Eli Karpel, Consuelo Julian and David Brockmann

The Emerson Gallery, Encino

Henny Marks constructs lyrical but planally developed figures in a slow motion dissolve of Bonnardesque color in a method similar to Balcolm Greene. Rich and high key knots of sumptuous pinks, tints of orange and turquoise pervade the loose but accurately purple patch drawing. Rather than a simple record of domestic scenes and friends, the figure for Marks is an anonymous scaffold for the play of a personal light.

The active acrylic geometrics of Eli Karpel are compositions formed of slim, irregular, compound planal structures in masses. The repeated wide value range is the paramount controlling device, and the color is safely attractive; earths, reds, or greens. The unique optical feature of his paintings is a fuzzed, out-of-focus effect produced by a series of gradated, enclosing bands. They are at one time hard edge and soft, as well as immensely attractive.

Consuelo Julian’s serigraphs are sensitive and skillful examples of the designed painterliness possible in this medium.

Perhaps only lack of ambition holds these artists to a local level of prominence. The quartet’s presentation is rounded out by the equally competent welded sculpture of David Brockmann.

Fidel A. Danieli