Los Angeles

Lewis Ott

Orlando Galleria, Encino

A familiar and prevalent calligraphic style is recast with success by Ott. Based on a strong compositional cluster at the center of the canvas, a de vice inherited from Cubism, his active brushwork, hot color, and structure of positive and negative shapes have their sources in second generation Abstract Expressionism.

While his figures are generally weaker, but for The Actors, any number of landscapes as the two Night GardensSunset ReflectionYellow Landscape, and the large interior Orange Compote are turbulent constructions of lively solids placed against juicy gaps of space. The fullest possible range of oil-pigment densities, brush manipulation, and pacing are handled with ease. The color is consistently fresh and vibrantly exotic. Having learned his lessons well, his best are faultless performances.

Fidel A. Danieli