Los Angeles

Lynn Lester Hershman

Feingarten Galleries

Cleveland-born Lynn Hershman is a very pretty young lady, an adroit draftsman, and a particularly keen observer of people and their daily doings. Mixing light flakes of fluorescent reds and greens with delicately penciled figures arranged on vast areas of naked canvas, Miss Hershman offers droll and/or satiric comments about fellow humans who are sick, hot, mad, asleep, hungry, proud, pensive, damned, disturbed, expectant, or just plain dead. They are all pertinent, carefully executed pieces each communicating but a single uncomplicated concept yet arresting enough in execution to demand a bit more consideration than the simple theme might request. Occasionally Miss Hershman succumbs to the fascination of contemporary artistic gimmicks and mannerisms which are quite alien to her open, honest style. The introduction of oddly shaped canvases, the super-imposition of painted glass panels, etc., contribute nothing meritorious to her scope of expression. Even the large-scale canvases seem to negate what appears to be a natural instinct toward a microcosmic attitude. Fortunately the small works, which are pure entertainment to behold, manage to dominate the few unfortunate experiments on view in the gallery.

Curt Opliger