Los Angeles

Mae Babitz, Claire Read, Daniel Eisman, Burr Singer and Leonora Portney

Bowman-Mann Gallery

This show includes woodcuts by Daniel Eisman, new sand and screen paintings by Cetone Starr, works by Mae Babitz, Burr Singer, Leonora Portney, and Claire Read.

Daniel Eisman’s woodcuts comprise the largest part of the current exhibition and reveal the artist as primarily an illustrator. His hackneyed proliferation of female nudes are the least interesting of all his work on display. Two small woodcuts that catch the eye, Predator and a horseman (untitled) are the most arresting things he has to offer.

Burr Singer shows several large paintings and her work, which is very ambitious, is still somewhat raw and undigested, and in her case the process of painting itself needs more refining before one can view her work objectively. The ornate sand paintings of Cetone Starr, some of which are in triptych, have great decorator appeal.

Leonora Portney’s Abstract Expressionist watercolors are strictly fun, and one feels her pleasure in dripping and smearing her merry way.

Claire Read’s work is fanciful and colorful but rather nebulous. One easily gets lost. Mae Babitz’s architectural drawings Brussels Square and Rheims Cathedral are a welcome bit of sanity. They have no pretensions and simply are what they are.

Estelle Kurzen