Los Angeles

Margo Hoff

Adele Bednarz Gallery

Veteran artist Margo Hoff has effectively substituted brush-strokes with similarly shaped pieces of colored paper and with infinite care mounted them bit by bit on panels creating a surface not unlike a type of pointillism. She obtains a surprising variety of effects with this medium, but no less surprising is the range of subjects which receive the treatment. Many artists exhaust all possibilities inherent in a single idea before approaching another. Once expressed, Miss Hoff seems impatient to get on to some other problem. This disinterest in exploiting themes for all their worth could be interpreted as a frantic search for a stylistic home port which eternally eludes her. The interpretive wanderings, however they might be explained, are to our advantage. Pictorially she is rarely a bore. In her search for new material, Miss Hoff uses familiar subjects—architectural steel, aerial survey views, candelabra, street traffic, toadstools, machinery, electrical conduits, etc. All are negotiated with an unerring sense of showmanship sharpened by many years of professional creative work. Although this display restricts itself to only her recent collage work, Miss Hoff is also experienced with printmaking, illustration, theatrical, rug and tapestry design, mosaic, and portraiture, not to mention her literary and educational propensities.

Curt Opliger