Los Angeles

Marta Palau

K.P.F.K. Gallery

A first Los Angeles showing of the work of this young artist born in Catalonia, Spain, and now residing in Mexico. She has already received considerable recognition in her adopted country and was commissioned to do a mural for the National Mexican Art Fair in Tijuana.

This exhibit includes paintings and graphics and gives a very full representation of her style and accomplishments. The show includes a large triptych Cuerpos Verdes y Guitarres of which the center panel is somewhat taller, adding to the interest of the overall design. It is predominantly in shades of green and blue and reveals a slight Cubist influence. Her approach to painting, which is rather formal, has the merit of sincerity and sentiment, and much that appears repetitious is due to what is still her involvement with problems of painting which, in much of the work displayed, have not been completely solved. Frente A Frente, a large canvas representing lovers is one of the most successful paintings in both form and color and reveals the artist at her maximum command.

Estelle Kurzen