Los Angeles

Maurice Ehrlich

Paideia Gallery

Here the sculptor’s intellectual as well as emotional power is given full expression, and there is much that reflects the beauty, terror, and the humor of our times. His dramatic use of symbols and his articulate awareness of their potential in terms of his medium add poetic dimension to his work which is also highly structured and technical. In Recluse the figure conveys his loneliness and isolation inside the narrow-boxed tower of his psyche, and one feels with him the prison of his immobility. Tracery is a lacy jubilant dance on a thin stem that for all of its metallic bulk has the fragility of a leaf. In Edifice and Bullwork, there is the sturdiness of vertical and horizontal structure as well as imposing and aspiring movements in space. The discipline of working within the limitations of a formal structure keeps Ehrlich’s work from becoming sentimental or maudlin in spite of the innate romanticism evident in his approach to his subject-matter.

Estelle Kurzen