Los Angeles

Grigory Gluckmann

Dalzell Hatfield Gallery

There is much to be said for his technical skill and meticulous workmanship, but Gluckmann’s paintings remain altogether too pretty, lacking the vitality and dynamic irregularity that are among the most compelling qualities in all works of great beauty. Though his approach to painting is traditional and naturalistic, a certain artificiality is present in much of the work, as if Gluckmann has reduced his paintings to a formula without being consciously aware of it. The ballet dancers, by now a decorator’s cliche, appear out-dated and sentimental, and the nudes which derive from Renoir never seem to come to life on their own. Autumn Glades, a small landscape shows Gluckmann’s sensuous feeling for paint and color and is one of the most charmingly decorative works on display. Studio Corner, a seated nude seen from the back, one of his finest paintings, shows him to be a painter of remarkable facility. The theme of his current exhibition is “Homage a la Femme.”

––Estelle Kurzen