Los Angeles

Kosso Eloul

David Stuart Gallery

With only the slightest of alterations—a cut, slice, or gouge—Israeli sculptor Kosso destroys the magnificent power of a solid steel girder or cylinder and by so doing endows the material with a new delicacy and fragile balance quite alien to its indomitable substance. The simple masses accept the disfigurements with grace and dramatic eloquence. Resulting scars, painted white, black, or brilliantly red, give emphasis to the artist’s impeccable surgery on basic structures. Kosso projects a curious satisfaction in the thesis that metal and stone are not after all as invulnerable as prior associations might suggest and through the use of simple incisions, alters their character much as castration alters humans.

Kosso is one of the artists contributing to the 1965 California International Sculpture Symposium at Long Beach State College where his striking effort proposes the same sense of refinement through emasculation, though the total structure is more complex in design. The handful of drawings and prints included with this small collection of sculptures shouldn’t have been.

––Curt Opeliger