Los Angeles

Lance Richbourg

Ceeje Gallery

Richbourg’s romantic, literary paintings pose as up-to-date illustrations for Brett Harte short stories, with hip elements of Pop and funk. The paintings are illustrative of our over-glamorized “Wild West”; one cannot help thinking of Hollywood and Knott’s Berry Farm. They form a series of violent and humorous incidents, but the visual stories are as corny as the manner in which they are painted. Mr. Richbourg is well trained in the use of foreshortening, perspective and rendering, upon which he builds a style of Pop attitudes, Surrealism and personal garish taste. These are violent power-packed paintings of rollicking action, in which he uses a linear space, cut up with baroque diagonals. At his most successful he creates a dynamic, Rubens-like monumentality which is well shown in She Got His Paints and Comanche Pickup. Mr. Richbourg is making serious fun within an academic genre.

––Susan R. Snyder