Los Angeles

Richard Whorf

Galerie Gregg Juarez

If movie producer-director-actor-etc. Richard Whorf were able to suppress his inclinations toward anecdote his paintings would gain considerably in stature for he demonstrates a fine eye for both objective reporting and technical proficiency, either trait served best without sentimental footnotes. Much in the manner of Hopper or Steumpfig, but lacking their humanism, Whorf avoids wallowing in formulated melodrama by composing with the careful consideration of an experienced cameraman. His obvious adoration of weathered barns and fishing shacks, junk shops, abandoned churches and farm homes, piers and boats on expansive beaches are evidenced by pertinent observations conditioned by labored attention to detail. Unfortunately these handsomely prepared pictures are usually intended as settings for awkwardly constructed and artificially posed dramatis personae. Whenever he does control his predilection to pictorial story-telling, he allows the titles to offend, as noted in He’s Usually Around Someplace, an otherwise assiduously executed and exquisitely colored presentation.

––Curt Opeliger