• San Francisco

    Various Venues, San Francisco

    Without keeping an accurate account of the exact number of months since George Culler left the directorship of The San Francisco Museum of Art (it is in fact an act of charity to forget how long the Museum has been without a director) it would seem the functions of the institution continue without perceivable break. Traveling exhibits scheduled many months in advance arrive, are installed, and in turn are taken down to be replaced by others of the same nature. The Woman’s Board handles the various vernissage activities with a good deal of grace and vivacity, and timely lectures are scheduled to

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  • Southwest Indian Arts

    California Palace of the Legion of Honor

    It is a pity that the exhibition of Southwest Indian Arts at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor was not scheduled for late summer showing, to run at least partly concurrently with the penetrating survey of Northwest Indian Art which closed in October at the Lowie Museum of Anthropology on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. What a magnificent sweep of North American ethnic arts they would have presented!

    This exhibition, planned as a following one to the enormously successful show of Indian works the Legion presented in 1958, is drawn from the same area. It is, however,

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