Los Angeles

Agnes Martin

Nicholas Wilder Gallery

Agnes Martin produces a world as valid as a psychologist’s graph yet delicate as sheer veils. Reductive in form and color these paintings deal with the infinite variations of nature. Her work promotes intelligent refinement of graphic structures and superb color limitations. She uses only pure, pearl whites, deep chalky whites, and light yellow whites, applied in thin washes with a sympathy for the nature of canvas. The drawing of precise yet ever-changing lines on canvas creates an overwhelming unity of structure.

As rich and as personal as these paintings are internally, they deal successfully with the outside world of nature and art. “Leaf,” divided up in an infinite marriage of squares and rectangular intricacies, is a complement to Mondrian’s classic quest for purity. Unlike Mondrian, Agnes Martin does not force a rigid evolution, parallel to nature, but allows nature its fulfillment. These paintings bespeak a clear concept of the best and the most important in contemporary art, while sustaining a quiet, lovely statement of a personal relationship to life. It is a small miracle that something as cold as a scientist’s graph can become as enchanting as a leaf.

Susan R. Snyder