Los Angeles

Assemblages 2 And 3 Dimensions

Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery

A showing of various methods of manipulating and combining diverse media assembles works that in the majority are more combined than manipulated. The forced juxtaposing of meekly manipulated found object assemblages with more forceful personal statements presents a show of rather general scope held together with paste and nails. The scope is one of worthy intent, a micro-resume of an area of endeavor much in need of an overview. The overview is provided through some 115 works by 62 artists. It is not an historical view but one of comparison. Works vary in size and dimension from a small paper collage by Schwitters, a comic-strip layout by Jess Collins, to large free-standing sculptures by Cremean, Kienholz and Rauschenberg. Wood, paper, cloth, plastic, cement, yarn, paint, glue and wire are some of the raw materials used as well as such found objects as a gas pump by R. Matthew. The collection includes so many artistic intents that a small number of works reinforce one another. Manneristic sophistication and cliches that rely heavily on the inherent surface quality of the materials become apparent. Dolls and chair legs are a favorite. Cleverness and lack of transformation abide next to tart, humorous, levitating, and quiet statements of merit. Of meritorious consideration are the works of P. O’Neill, M. Edwards, R. Cremean, O. Andrews, W. Berman and R. Matthew.

Judith Von Euer