Los Angeles

Bob Click

Kozlow Gallery, Encino

Click’s wide ranging interludes stem from his background in printmaking: his collages, paintings, and serigraphs reflect the stencil process; his frottages, reliefs, acrylics and watercolors develop along the lines of traditionally severe intaglios. His realistic figures deal with skeletal forms, shell-like coverings, and abstractions of value patterns. Several show an interest in repetition of similar motifs (dolls, head photos, balls, coins), or a contrast of a geometric pair of ovoids—heraldic fashion—above and below or left and right. There is no doubt his hand is skilled. The tender pencil cross-hatchings of “Beginning I” and “3,” or the various volumetric illusions show that. The diversity of subjects, media, and processes would stand him in good stead as a clever pupil. But in his maturity he has not yet resolved his statement. It may be too late.

Fidel A. Danieli